Teeth whitening | Your new smile awaits

When it comes to creating a whiter, brighter smile for you, our team of chermside dentists can help through teeth whitening. Self confidence in your smile is important, and we can help you improve your smile.

There is a surprising amount of complexity to create a great smile, however the basics are colour, shape and position.

For the shape and position of teeth, we often use techniques such as veneers, invisalign and edge bonding. However for the colour, we love using a non-invasive approach often known as teeth whitening.

Types of teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening comes in many forms. However we only offer the best option: custom trays and take-home whitening.

Take home teeth whitening is the most popular and effective option. This method involves us taking moulds/scans of your teeth to create a custom fit whitening tray set, which we will ask you to wear everyday for 1 hour for 2 weeks. This is a great option as it’s effective and inexpensive to repeat every 6-12 months as the trays will fit long-term.

Our professional team at Chermside Dental Care love helping you attain and maintain those beautiful white teeth in a safe, professional and cost effective manner.

Our dentists will help you smile brighter

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Dr Gary Chun
Dr Julia Jeffers
Dr Angela Gao
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