Preventative General and Family Dentists

It is our goal to be your long-term family dentist. Although we do a myriad of intricate surgeries, cosmetic make-overs and complex cases under sedation, what is the most important and under-rated part of family dentistry is your regular checkups and cleans. Most patients will never need complex dental care, and it is our goal to prevent the need for it through regular checkups from a young age.

Family dentistry is one of our loves and forms a key part of what we do. Working together, we will assist you in creating strong, natural, healthy smiles that will last a life time. Your dental care and maintenance will involve meeting once or twice a year to do a thorough checkup and x-ray to examine the health of your teeth, gums, soft tissue and bones and to screen for any risks or developments. We will screen for any medical and lifestyle risks, muscle function, signs of oral cancer, gum health and finally the teeth for signs of wear, decay, integrity of existing fillings, fractures and overall function and cosmetic appearance. As your family dentist, we promise to give you an honest, professional opinion (along with photos and x-rays) of how your oral health is going. All of your dental options will be presented so that you can best make your decision. We are also upfront about our affordable fees as we aim to foster an open and trustworthy relationship with you.

We understand that having a clean, filling or even just a check-up might not be your favourite past-time, but at Chermside Dental we aim to make the unwelcome task much more enjoyable, relaxing and manageable for you and your family with our skilled, caring and dedicated staff.

Why Us?

As family dentists, we offer everything you would expect from a world-class family dentist in Australia. We have a beautiful new surgery fit out with full practice accreditation. We believe in technology, with 3D CT x-rays, Zeiss microscopes and 3D camera scanners all available on-site. Our team is hand-picked and highly experienced, covering the full breadth of dentistry including kids dentistry, cosmetic makeovers, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants and over-dentures, IV Sedation with our Anaesthetist, specialist root canal therapy and more.

Developing an aversion to your dentist can result in you neglecting your dental health and potentially causing you further pain in the future so we aim to dispel this aversion in order to not only keep you healthy but also to develop a positive connection to dentists and our services in particular.

We are here to help, so we welcome you to book an appointment for you or your family with our dental team. We can’t wait to meet you and look after you long-term.


Our family dental team

Dr Gary Chun
Dr Amy Winner
Dr Julia Jeffers
Dr Evelyn Ong
Dr Albert Lin
Dr Min Yang
Dr Stephanie Chin
Dr Timothy Fong
Dr Angela Gao
Dr Manfred Lagemann
Dr Andy Tsai