Our advanced dental technology sets Chermside Dental Care apart

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest education, techniques, evidence based research and advanced dental technology. This helps us provide up-to-date care to our valued patients.

Significant investment into the latest technology gives us more information efficiently and accurately, to allow us to form the correct diagnosis and provide ideal treatment plans to patients.

Although there are too many things to mention, the latest and most exciting pieces of advanced dental technology that Chermside Dental Care has at its disposal are:

  1. On-site CBCT Xray machine (Dentsply Sirona)
  2. Same-Day Crowns with the latest CEREC technology (Primemill)
  3. 3D Surface Scanner (Trios – 3Shape)
  4. Zeiss Extaro Microscope

The on-site CBCT Xray machine allows us to take three dimensional xrays of any tooth, or the entire mouth. Traditionally, all dental xrays are two dimensional which does not allow for a true picture of what is happening in a patient’s teeth and bone. The CBCT is a fantastic tool for assessing proximity of nerves prior to wisdom teeth removal, for bone assessment prior to implants and grafting, for infection diagnosis and management prior to root canal therapy and much more. Having it on-site has been invaluable in stream-lining treatment, and getting real-time data in the middle of treatments.

CEREC technology allows our dentists the flexibility to scan, design, mill and sinter your crown on-site, allowing for a same appointment/same day turnaround.  This is particularly useful for scenarios where our patients are traveling from significant distances or require something done quickly. The new CEREC Primemill combines wet and dry milling and wet grinding. No matter the indication, with our CEREC Primemill we provide the flexibility and predictability for our patients. We are able to choose from the full spectrum of machining options, including dry and wet milled zirconia, or wet grinding of glass and hybrid ceramics for inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and veneers, all without the need for temporisation and 3 week lab turnaround times.


3Shape’s Trios Scanner, is an advanced camera that stitches thousands of photos together instantly to create an accurate three dimensional model of a patient’s jaw and teeth. This is then used for assessment, comparison, for 3D printing and even for making new teeth for the patient. We can also combine the three dimensional surface scan, with the CBCT, to create accurate surgical guides for implants as well as an adjunct for orthodontics and much more. The world of dentistry is improving rapidly and we are keeping up to date for the benefit of our patients.

Often, particularly for root canal therapy, the nerve canals can be extremely small. The Zeiss Extaro Microscope allows for magnification and illumination to allow us to see tiny things much more clearly. The technology allows us to provide better care for our patients, and for that we are both excited, as well as indebted to the medical companies for their advanced dental technology inventions.