We offer high quality, locally made partial and full dentures using top quality materials.

Chermside Dental Care offers comfortable, artistic and affordable partial and full dentures. Dentures can often be seen as a poor option to replace teeth by many due to their removable nature. We disagree. We thoroughly enjoy creating functional, cosmetic solutions when the situation calls for it.

Dentures can be made in a range of ways with a variety of different materials such as acrylic, valplast, duraflex, cobalt chrome and more. It is both an art and a science, so our experience helps in achieving comfort and aesthetics.

We create partial and full types using an array of natural teeth shapes and shades which are completely customizable by the patient, to replicate what is missing so they look natural and are impossible to spot!

One big consideration with dentures, is whether to use the gum as suction or the existing teeth to clasp around. We have explored many different designs, and now also integrate implants as part of the solution. This allows us to create dentures with incredible stability and comfort, without any clasps at all.

Implant retained dentures are a game-changer for our patients, and have allowed us to achieve great results.

Dentures are removable, and it is recommended to remove them each night before bed. If you’d like to discuss this option with our team, please feel free to reach out via online message or phone (3359 1611).

If you feel that you’d like a fixed option, please check out our pages on bridges, implants and more.

Our experienced dental team

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