Referring to us

We welcome referrals for various niche procedures. Please note we will be referring all patients back upon completion of the specific treatment required.

We accept referrals from all practitioners, for both specific and general dental treatment.

Our available treatments for referral include:

Examples of situations where we have been able to help, and refer back to the referring practitioner

  • Removing wisdom teeth under IV sedation due to prohibitive costs elsewhere
  • Removing rampant decay and restoring with white fillings under IV sedation as a cost effective, time efficient and stress-free procedure for a dental phobic patient
  • Single or multiple teeth requiring root canal therapy under IV sedation for patients with claustrophobia and dental anxiety
  • Guided multiple dental implant surgery for a future over-denture made by another practice
  • Crowns and veneers under IV sedation for patients with gag reflexes and dental anxiety.

We see dentistry as a team effort, both in terms of our patients and our fellow colleagues. We are here to help and we will always refer back after completing the specified dental care required by the referring practitioner. We look forward to building and maintaining great professional relationships with our fellow dental colleagues.