Volunteering is part of the fabric of the Chermside Dental Care team

This is a treasured part of who we are as a dental group, so thank you for visiting this page.

Before Covid-19 closed international borders, our efforts to help those in dental need was in full swing.

It was and always will be a humbling experience, to be accepted so willingly into communities with so little.

Dr. Tim spent time in Vanuatu in 2023 and 2019 as part of the One Salt Water Foundation, helping those in dental need with his extensive experience and skills. Rather than write the story, we thought this one might be best told by photos.


Dr Albert has been very fortunate to be a part of 4 international dental volunteering projects.
In his first project, Dr Albert joined Team Equal in 2009 and visited India for 2 weeks: 1 week each at the boy’s and girl’s orphanage villages. It was such a joy for Dr Albert to see pure happiness on their young faces (with mostly very healthy teeth!) as they shared their simple lives together in countryside of Chennai.
Cambodia was on Dr Albert’s radar in 2012 and once again it was at an orphanage centre in Phnom Penh for 2 weeks. The most saddening story here was that most of these children were born with HIV and abandoned at birth by parents who were financially incapable of raising them. Their dental conditions were tragically poor.
During Dr Albert’s 2015 gap year, he teamed up with an American medical volunteering team and spent 2 weeks in the jungles of Guatemala. What he loved the most was seeing the vibrant colours on the clothing worn by the locals. Working without electricity inside a hot humid shelter was certainly a challenge!
In 2017, Dr Albert visited Nepal with two friends to spend 2 weeks volunteering at Kathmandu inside a monastery which had its own dental surgery. The young monks only wore rich crimson robes and were always very polite with big smiley faces.


Dr. Fred along with assistants Rebecca and Kayla, have spent time in Cambodia on multiple occasions in 2017 and 2019, treating exclusively children without parents or those with parents who cannot look after them. A phone light was used when the power and water failed, resulting in challenging circumstances. Below is a scattering of phone pictures taken throughout the trips. Apologies for the lower resolution.