Dental Implants: What are they?

Dental Implants at Chermside Dental Care in Brisbane’s Northside have proven to be modern dentistry’s answer to many patients’ dental problems. Implants are made from titanium alloys which are the most biocompatible material with our bones. We have used these commonly decades in a variety of medical procedures such as hip replacements and fixing broken bones.

What is involved in getting a dental implant?

We place implants painlessly under a normal local anaesthetic. Happy gas and IV sedation facilities are also available. Our patients often report having taken only a few panadol tablets the day after the surgery during our follow up calls. Once the implant is placed, the bone osseointegrates over a 3-5 month healing period depending on any associated grafting or sinus lifts. Once healed, we spend time moulding the gum to create the ideal shape before fabricating your new tooth. We commit to using the best dental implant and crown materials for longevity and cosmetics.

How do I know if this is an option for me?

Our experienced and trained dental implant dentists will take an on-site digital 3-D CBCT Xray which will allow us to analyze the quality and quantity of bone available for implant placement. If there is insufficient placement, we will grow bone using a variety of artificial, animal and human bone derivatives (depending on case by case basis) to build sufficient bone for long-term implant success.

Do you use quality materials?

We use evidence-based, globally used dental implants with decades of success behind them. We want to know that if we have an issue with an implant component in 30-50 years, that the company will still be around to source the part.

Our bone augmentation materials are top quality TGA approved materials, chosen based on clinical need and research based success rates. They are sourced from companies such as Switzerland’s Geistlich. Please read about their revolutionary products here.

Does it work?

Yes. Under sterile conditions, surgery by our implant dentists will result in success 98% of the time. With diligent patient maintenance, implants can last decades or more. Long-term studies continue to show great success rates beyond 10-15 years which is fantastic.

How much does it cost?

We charge a competitive fee of $3500-4500 from start to finish for the dental implant surgery (including soft tissue development) and the final tooth (crown) on top after 12-20 weeks of healing. We have a variation in fee depending on how much bone grafting and sinus lifting is required. Our clinicians have completed hundreds of cases over the years with a high success rate.

For overdentures, the cost is lower due to there being no need for the final tooth (crown).

We use implants to

1. Support overdentures to give them very firm hold/grip, or

2. To replace teeth individually (crowns) and in small or large spans (bridges)

We always encourage you to seek a second professional opinion. All surgical and restorative procedures carry risks. For further information, or to book in your dental implant consult, please contact us.

Our dental implant team

Dr Manfred Lagemann
Dr Albert Lin
Dr Angela Gao
Dr Julia Jeffers