Second Opinions in Dentistry

In all walks of life, a second opinion is a good idea. You would imagine that dentistry, being a highly regulated health profession, would be consistent in its advice. However, despite consistency in university teaching and Dental Board standards, the rapid development of technology, materials and research has created a difference of professional opinions for any one patient.

This creates a situation, where different dentists are likely to suggest different treatment recommendations for the same patient.

Given this conundrum, we think that the only path forward, is for you, the patient, to completely understand all the risks and benefits of each treatment option that stands before them, and to use logic to make the most reasonable decision.

What does this all mean for you?

We think it means that whenever there are multiple treatment options, particularly ones that are irreversible, expensive or lengthy in duration, that you should seek professional second opinions. We firmly believe in transparency, and its comforting when multiple health practitioners all reach the same conclusion regarding the best path forward for you.

Photo: Removal of decay, under IV Sedation with our specialist Anaesthetist, to improve health and cosmetics for this young man.

Our ethical, caring, experienced team

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