Our Dentists

Dedicated, Gentle and Professional

We have handpicked a team of the most ethical, gentle, knowledgeable and professional group of dentists in Brisbane. Our Chermside Dentists strive to be better, working with each other and going through patient cases on a daily basis. Together, we hold each other accountable to be as meticulous, gentle and driven to provide quality dental treatment at a level you would want for your own mother, partner and child.

As a non-corporate, family run practice, we also focus on long-standing staff, with our dentists and assistants staying for 15 years and counting! We feel continuity is key for our valued patients.

  • Dr. Manfred (Fred) Lagemann

    Dr. Manfred (Fred) Lagemann

    Principal Dentist

    Dr. Fred is passionate about providing high quality dental care for his patients. Born and raised in Brisbane, Fred has many ties with the local community. Fred has looked after our patients here at Chermside Dental Care for 9 years (since 2012) and is loved by his patients for his down to earth nature and painless dental work.

    Fred graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science with Honours from the University of Queensland (2011) with a UQ Excellence Scholarship for all 5 years and numerous academic awards. Fred has a real love for dental knowledge, and has completed a post-graduate Masters in Clinical Dentistry in Dental Implants from Griffith University (2015). Fred has also completed the Comprehensive Orthodontic Course at the International Academy of Advanced Dentistry (2018) and is an accredited Invisalign and SomnoMed provider. In 2019, Fred was invited to become an Australian Dental Association Queensland (ADAQ) Committee Member for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which he served for 1 year.

    Fred is particularly interested in implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and wisdom teeth extractions. Outside of clinical work, Fred has a keen interest in research. He has finished a thesis literature review. He is also a published research author, with original research in the Australian Endodontic Journal. Please see the link here if you’d like to read the article. 

    Fred's appetite for on-going learning is insatiable. While working full-time, he is currently enrolled in the Orthodontic Mini-Residency with Dr. Geoffrey Hall (Orthodontist), and is also enrolled in the Comprehensive Implant Course with Dr. Alex Loh in Melbourne.

    Fred spends time abroad doing dental charity work. Fred has spent 2 weeks in Cambodia providing dental care to the nation's most needy children in 2014, 2017 and most recently April/May 2019. This has come to a halt temporarily due to Covid-19!

    Outside of dentistry, Fred enjoys squash, cycling, skiing, wakeboarding and spending time with his family.

  • Dr. Gary Chun

    Dr. Gary Chun

    Senior Associate Dentist

    Dr Gary has been the senior associate dentist at Chermside Dental for over 17 years and is a past clinical supervisor at the University of Queensland. Gary is a wealth of dental knowledge and a calming presence at the practice. Moreover, Gary is well known for his sense of humour and gentle touch. To our other dentists, Gary is admired for having excellent clinical hands, achieving beautiful outcomes for his patients.

    Over such a long career in Dentistry, its hard to think of something Gary doesn't do. Experience and quality dental care is what Gary provides for all of his patients. Gary's skills in the area of aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry is second to none, regularly giving patients beautiful new smiles through veneers and invisalign.

    Gary also has a keen interest in dental sleep appliances including SomnoMed (platinum provider). Gary also provides sedation dentistry using happy gas for his more anxious patients.

    Gary is a dedicated family man, with a lovely wife and two children and spends the majority of his time outside of work with them.

    Dr. Gary Chun BDSc (UQ)

  • Mrs Rebecca McNaught

    Mrs Rebecca McNaught

    Oral Therapist

    Rebecca is one of our valued, long-standing clinicians at Chermside Dental Care. Rebecca has been with us for over 9 years, and is well-respected by staff and patients alike for her excellent dental care.

    Rebecca is excellent with children for general dental care including examinations, fillings, cleans and more. Rebecca's particularly interest is in general dental cleans and complex periodontal debridements. Rebecca achieves excellent results with her periodontal/gum disease cases and forms a critical part of our dental team. Without her we wouldn't be able to comprehensively treat our patients.

    Outside of work, Rebecca's four children keep her and her husband very busy!

  • Dr. Tim Fong

    Dr. Tim Fong

    Senior Associate Dentist

    Tim is a University of Queensland (2010) trained dentist with many years of experience. He has a loyal following of patients who value his technical excellence, thoroughness and sense of humour.

    Tim has been looking after our patients at Chermside Dental Care since 2014.

    Tim has a wide-ranging interest in dentistry including preventative care, crown and bridge work and surgical procedures. Tim is particularly adept at wisdom teeth extractions and is well liked by his patients for his high quality work and gentle nature.

    Outside of work, Tim enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and playing his weekly game of touch football.

    Dr. Tim Fong BDSc (UQ)

  • Dr. Evelyn Ong

    Dr. Evelyn Ong

    Senior Associate Dentist

    Dr. Evelyn is one of our lovely dentists here at Chermside Dental and has lived and worked locally for many years. Evelyn graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Dental Sciences degree in 2010. Evelyn has been looking after our patients since 2017. She is a member of the Australian Dental Association, regularly attending professional development courses and education seminars to keep up to date with changes in the profession.

    Evie is highly regarded by both her peers and patients for being very technically capable, achieving great results and being really gentle, patient and kind.

    Evelyn is passionate about her dentistry and focuses on a holistic approach to patient treatment, with emphasis on preventative dentistry. Evelyn also takes special interest in treating young children. A common goal Evelyn strives to achieve with her patients is to help them maintain healthy smiles for life.

    Lately, Evelyn has been spending a significant amount of time on her weekends attending continuing professional development courses on Sleep Apnoea. 

    Outside of dentistry, you will find Evelyn spending quality time with her family and friends.

  • Dr. Angela Gao

    Dr. Angela Gao

    Senior Associate Dentist

    Angela is a gentle, fastidious and well respected part of the Chermside Dental Care team. Angela graduated dentistry from the University of Queensland in 2011. Angela has spent many years working in Roma, Central QLD and has gained significant experience in many areas of dentistry.

    Angela has a keen interest in many parts of dentistry including root canals, wisdom teeth and full mouth rehabilitation. Angela's main focus however, is in orthodontics. Angela is a graduate of both the Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) and the mini-residency in Excellence in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics (EODO). Angela keeps up to date with the latest Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

    Outside of work, Angela enjoys watersports, skiing and badminton. She is also an excellent pianist and cook.

  • Dr. Albert Lin

    Dr. Albert Lin

    Senior Associate Dentist

    Our patients and staff are spoilt to have a dentist of Albert's calibre on the team.

    Albert is a local dentist who works with passion and a smile. He graduated from UQ in 2007 and has served in both public hospitals and private clinics, gaining valuable experiences along the way. He believes that careful listening and clear communication is the key to achieving the optimal result. Albert is zealous with his daily dentistry, especially when dealing with dental implants and wisdom tooth removals. He is well-respected by patients and staff alike for his kind, gentle manner as well as his skill with all things dental.

    Outside of the dental space in Chermside, Albert is an intrepid explorer. Albert has been fortunate to combine his love for dentistry and travelling by volunteering in dental projects in India, Cambodia, Guatemala and Nepal. Albert speaks English, Mandarin and basic Spanish.

  • Dr. Amy Winner

    Dr. Amy Winner

    Senior Associate Dentist

    Amy graduated from the University of QLD in 2010 (BDSc) and has worked many years now in private practice. She particularly enjoys making children’s first visits an enjoyable experience and helping all her patients feel comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair.

    Amy’s patients appreciate her compassionate nature and bubbly personality as well as her attention to their individual needs and concerns. While children’s dentistry is her main passion, Amy is proficient in all fields of dentistry and thoroughly enjoys aesthetic procedures, completing a short course in London on aesthetic dentistry in 2013 (LonDEC). She also has considerable experience in tooth removal and helping patients in acute pain, and is particularly adept at removing wisdom teeth.

    When Amy is not operating as a dentist, she enjoys teaching kids in music and the performing arts as well as spending time with her family.

  • Dr. Julia Jeffers

    Dr. Julia Jeffers

    Senior Associate Dentist

    Julia is a valued senior associate dentist of the Chermside Dental Care team. Julia is well know for her gentle, thorough and conservative approach to patient's oral health.

    Julia is Australian-Chinese and graduated from the University of Queensland with our principal dentist. Julia understands that visiting the dentist can be daunting and endeavours to make your experience a pleasant one. Her special interests include Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), children's airway and jaw development, and oral surgery including implants. Nonetheless, she enjoys all areas of dentistry and is always happy to help with your concern.

    Julia's ideal weekend will be spent hiking in a national park, trailing behind her towering husband and learning the art of bird-watching. 

  • Dr. Min Yang

    Dr. Min Yang

    Senior Associate Dentist

    Dr Min is a gentle and down to earth dentist, who is dedicated in providing dental care of the highest standard to all patients that see him. Dr Min graduated from Griffith university in 2011 (BDSc), and has worked both in the public and private sectors for many years, and has also supervised dental students at Griffith University.

    Min is proficient in many parts of dentistry ranging from root canals, aesthetic dentist and particularly in surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth removal. Min has also completed the Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) and is an accredited provider of Invisalign.

    When not at work, Min likes to play social tennis and relaxes whilst playing on the piano.

  • Dr. Andy Tsai

    Dr. Andy Tsai

    Endodontist-In-Training / Dentist

    Dr Andy is a meticulous and kind dentist who is committed to his role in helping others. Never missing a beat, Andy a highly professional and ethical dentist who prides himself on technical dental excellence and gentle dentistry.

    Andy graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours (2011) and was also a supervisor for the 3rd and 4th year dental students. He has a fantastic knowledge of the latest dental research and procedures. Andy was a full-time dentist for the past 8 years. However, now Andy has begun his 3 year specialist Endodontics program (2019-2021). As such, he will be helping our patients on weekends only. We are lucky to have such an expert in root canals on our team.

    Outside of work, Andy loves to go fishing more than anything in the world.

  • Dr. Stephanie Chin

    Dr. Stephanie Chin

    Associate Dentist

    Stephanie graduated with an Academic Medal in Bachelor of Dental Surgery at James Cook University in 2014. During her degree she was fortunate to gain a range of diverse clinical experience in Darwin, Thursday Island and Townsville.

    Stephanie has worked in private dental practice and Queensland Health. During her time at Queensland Health, she dedicated one day a week to seeing school aged children and visiting school dental vans. As such, she has had extensive experience working with children. Stephanie was also involved with supervising dental students from the University of Queensland whilst they were completing their clinical training.


    Stephanie believes in preventative dentistry and ensuring the patient’s experience at the dentist is as enjoyable as possible. Stephanie endeavours to provide the highest quality treatment to her patients so she regularly attends dental conferences and keeps up to date with relevant dental research. She has a special interest in sleep apnoea and has completed a Graduate Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine through the University of Western Australia. She is a member of the Australian Dental Association. 

    In Stephanie’s spare time she is usually exploring new places, meal prepping or trying out a new fitness trend. She enjoys listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

    Dr. Stephanie Chin BDS. Grad Cert DSM

  • Dr. Cheryl Chen

    Dr. Cheryl Chen

    Associate Dentist

    Dr Cheryl is a comforting and gentle dentist who is dedicated to improving the oral health and dental wellbeing of her patients. Cheryl graduated from the University of Queensland with first-class honours, and was president of the national association for dental students.

    Cheryl likes all aspects of dentistry, with a special interest in oral surgery. She is currently undertaking further study through the UQ Doctor of Medicine program to pursue her interests in surgical specialties.

    Cheryl is committed to helping the wider community, having been part of the Australian Dental Health Foundation, an organisation which delivers dental treatment to disadvantaged Australians. Additionally, Cheryl has travelled to provide oral health education and dental services to children in rural India and Cambodia.

    In order to continually enhance her patients’ dental care, Cheryl keeps up-to-date by attending professional development programs and seminars throughout the year.

    Outside of work, you can find Cheryl out enjoying live music or sailing.

  • Dr Alex Qui

    Dr Alex Qui

    Associate Dentist

    Dr Alex helps our patients out on weekends and is very popular for his gentle and straightforward approach. He aims to provide the highest quality of care whilst creating a relaxing environment for you. Alex believes dental care should not be something to be feared.

    His special interests lie in endodontics, cosmetic restorative work and research in new dental technologies and products. Dr Alex believes that a broad spectrum of knowledge in all things dental – both old and new – are important in delivering the best care for you and your family.

    Outside of dentistry Dr Alex enjoys weight-lifting, exploring the outdoors and playing the piano.