Volunteer Project


We recently completed our first volunteer project in Cambodia in July, 2017. Dr. Fred and Rebecca went over to help out the children that have less fortunate lives than our own.

It is with great pleasure that we were able to visit a Cambodian dental clinic in the city of Sihanoukville in July, 2017. We helped see over 100 children over 5 days. These children lead incredibly difficult lives and are amazingly happy despite their circumstances. The children are street kids with parents who are unable to look after them, or those without parents at all. 20155787_667825840091176_2734915175149494482_n.jpg

The influence of the western diet has wreaked havoc with their teeth and it is a serious concern. We felt in many ways helpless given the never-ending number of children requiring extensive dental care. However, with each step, we can at least make a difference. We hope you enjoy some of the photos we have taken over the week. We hope to do it again soon. The not-for-profit organisation that looks after the children is called M'Lop Tapang, and here is their facebook link.

The organisation is incredibly well run by many committed people. The dental side is run exclusively so far by Australian dentists volunteering their time. Hats off to the kids for being happy and positive 100% of the time; it was inspiring.

Snaps | Volunteer Project

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