New Patients

We value and respect your first visit to your new dentist as an important step towards your comfort, confidence and dental wellbeing

As a dental team we focus on a complete assessment of your dental situation, developing a concise and practical preventative care plan to achieve and maintain excellent oral health. We are down to earth and provide medical care. We do not 'sell' or push treatments onto you.

We understand that having a clean, filling or even just a checkup might not be your favourite past-time, but at Chermside Dental we aim to make the unwelcome task much more enjoyable, relaxing and manageable for you and your family with our skilled, caring and dedicated staff.

We boast the latest technology and procedures designed to make any sitting manageable for you Margaret Reception.jpgand your family. Our staff will make you feel right at home with our neat and comfortable facilities.

Developing an aversion to your dentist can result in you neglecting your dental health and potentially causing you further pain in the future so we aim to dispel this aversion in order to not only keep you healthy but also to develop a positive connection to dentists and our services in particular.

Among other things, we will examine your medical and lifestyle risks, muscle function, signs of oral cancer, gum health and finally the teeth for signs of wear, decay, integrity of existing fillings, fractures and overall function and cosmetic appearance. We will give you an honest opinion of how your mouth is going, and give you all the options available so that you can best make your decision. We are very upfront about our affordable fees and we like to foster an open and trustworthy working relationship with you.

If you’d like to book an appointment for a check and clean with our calming and professional dental team, then contact us or call us in Chermside on 3359 1611. Learn more about our range of preventative services.

Our costs are below average according to the Australian Dental Association. We like to keep fees low and affordable because we understand how important it is to both our new and existing patients.

A day in the life of Chermside Dental

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