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Getting Dentures

Dentures are what is commonly thought of as ‘false teeth’. They give you your natural or improved smile back and help you to eat and speak easily and with confidence.

Do I need Dentures?

If you have any missing teeth, or teeth that need to be removed, you can talk to our team at Chermside Dental about your options. You can have either partial dentures that replace from one to several missing teeth or full dentures which serve as a replacement for your entire upper or lower jaw, or both.

Types of Dentures

Full Dentures replace either your entire upper or lower jaw, or both. These are always made from high quality acrylic.shutterstock_515447662.jpg

Partial Dentures are used when you do not need all teeth replaced. They can be fitted for one or several teeth.

Implant Supported Dentures can be used to replace one or more teeth and are fitted through implants in your jaw.

Getting Dentures

If you are having teeth removed, in most circumstances you can have dentures inserted on the same day, which is called ‘immediate dentures’. Our team at Chermside Dental work alongside Denture Haus to ensure all your needs are taken care of by experienced practitioners.

Immediate dentures will normally require a follow up visit or two with your Brisbane Denture Clinic to ensure your fit is still perfect after any swelling reduces. This ensures they are as comfortable as possible.

The Benefits of Dentures

As well as regaining your full smile, dentures have the added benefit of assisting you in eating and speaking.

Dentures also assist in stopping facial muscles sagging as a result of tooth extractions.

Talk to our team at Chermside Dental today about getting dentures on 07 3359 1611.