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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Affordable, Painless and Professional | Happy Gas and 3-D Xray Facilities On-Site

Dentist Near Me | Chermside

People often search for a 'Dentist Near Me'. Centrally located on Brisbane's Northside at Chermside, we are your local family dentist.

Our New Surgery

Chermside Dental Care is redesigned from the ground up, so we can provide you with the latest dentistry has to offer.

Toothaches and Home Remedies

Here at Chermside Dental Care, we understand how horrible toothaches can be. We offer Tooth remedies that you can try for tooth pain relief. Toothaches can happen for a variety of reasons. Toothache pain can occur as a result of gum abscesses, cracked teeth, infected dental nerves, jaw joint problems (temporomandibular joint disorders), grinding/clenching or even sinusitis. Dental pain can also be referred from areas/problems outside of the mouth.

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