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The protective dental mouthguard is simple, yet vitally important. We believe in custom mouthguards as the best way to protect your kids and your own teeth.

chermside dental care mouthguard 2.jpgMouthguards are fantastic for protecting teeth during both contact and non-contact sports. We've seen far too many broken teeth due to trauma on the sports fields in kids not wearing mouthguards.

To protect your teeth, you need a comfortable, well-fitting mouthguard so the child actually wears it! Moreoever, it needs to be of adequate thickness for the sport in question. For boxing, we will make a thicker mouthguard than we would for AFL, for example.

Because kids are always getting new teeth, we can accomodate for this by adding the space into the mouthguard where the new teeth are expected to come through. This allows the mouthguards to fit while the child is getting new teeth! Pretty neat trick by our technicians.

For those without current health fund cover, its approximately $195. However for those with a health fund, its often free! This actually makes it cheaper than the off the shelf. To check, give your health fund a call - the code is 151*.

We usually make 1 mouthguard per season for kids, and the process involves a single mould, and then a fitting a week later. The kids tolerate the moulds well, and in our experience love selecting the next array of colours for their mouthguard. Often team colours are a big hit!

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