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We are North Brisbane’s Emergency Dentist

7 Days and Late Weeknights with Fixed Prices

*During the Covid-19 Crisis we are open 7 days from 8am each day for emergencies, pain and infections

We have been open 7 days as Brisbane’s Emergency Dentist for 20 years. We understand and offer same day appointments, everyday.

The new covid-19 crisis means that were now offering the same treatment for emergencies, pain and infections. If you have any concerns or just want clarification, please call us at any time on 3359 1611.same day appointments.jpg

If you’re looking for an emergency dentist or a Sunday dentist or a 7 Day dentist, Brisbane has come to value the services and advice of our experienced and gentle dental team here at Chermside Dental Care.

We have no additional charges EVER! Not for late nights, saturday or sunday appointments. Its our same competitive and affordable fees for dental treatment.

We are preferred providers for Medibank, BUPA, HCF, NIB, SMILE and CBHS. We accept DVA patients and welcome bulk billing for children under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

We always try to help people going through discomfort and because we are open 7 days we can help most people, most of the time. Please book online here for an instant appointment.      Book next available appointment

In our busy modern lives it can be hard to find the time to pop into your dentist for even a check-up let alone more lengthy procedures so at Chermside Dental Care we provide early morning and late night operating hours. This is a service we are proud to offer as our clients are everything to us.

Every patient has different personal and financial circumstances. We understand this, so when treatment is advised by a dentist you are welcome to discuss the different options available. There are often a couple of ways to achieve a good treatment outcome, varying in cost and time it takes to achieve the result. We don’t pressure anyone into treatments they don’t want or need. It’s your mouth and you have the final say!

If you have an emergency dental concern, please give us a call on 3359 1611 now or book an appointment online at anytime here. We will always be able to help, and promptly too.

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