White Fillings

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Are you looking for quality, cosmetic, lasting white fillings?

White fillings are considered the most accepted way to fix chips and holes in teeth. The quality of white fillings varies between practices, so we focus on using the best technology and materials available to ensure our white fillings stand the test of time.

White fillings at Chermside Dental Care in Brisbane's North are considered among the highest quality.

Apart from being pain-free and lasting, we focus on getting the little things right. We do this, because this is what seperates our work from others. We focus on the details, whether it be using the best materials, the preparation work, the surface treatment, the layering, the contouring, the setting or the polishing. These details ensure our patients are getting the best possible care, because quite simply, we want the best outcomes possible.white filling.jpg

What are white fillings?

A filling is used to replace the part of the tooth that has been lost due to bacteria or trauma. One option when restoring the damaged tooth is to receive a white filling, commonly known as a ‘composite filling’. These fillings used to be done in amalgam, however due to the agressive nature of the preparation work that needs to be done (due to no glue being used), we no longer recommend these as optimal treatment in most cases.

White fillings are much more flexible in terms of usage, due to the ability to adhere or glue them into place. However due to the use of glue, the area must be completely dry which creates an element of technique sensitivity. Despite the increase in difficulty to perform, they are the gold standard for many smaller holes and are commonly done at our practice in Chermside.

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