White Fillings

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Rebuild your teeth using white fillings that are 100% mercury free.

Our Brisbane Dentists in Chermside rebuild your teeth using the highest quality white fillings that are 100% mercury free. Performed as gently and painlessly as possible; our dentists have your comfort as our first priority.

Our filling materials are made of composite resin and sourced from the most reputable dental company in Australia (Henry Schein Halas).

Fillings here at Chermside Dental are performed using a completely painless procedure. Fillings may be recommended to you by your dentist because you have decay creating a hole in your tooth. Other reasons that your tooth may require work is due to trauma or acid erosion.

As always, our Chermside Dentists try and preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. Topical, local anaesthetics and happy gas are available to maximise your comfort during the procedure. You can discuss these with your dentist prior to commencement. You may even find that none are necessary! When your filling is complete, you may not be able to spot it, as we create them to be the same colour and shape as the rest of the teeth.

As a team,

Our professional dentists take great care with our fillings, ensuring the teeth are well sealed. We often use materials to desensitize and cover the nerve-sensitive dentine, carefully layering our fillings 3 and 4 fold for your comfort and for the longevity of the filled tooth.



Patient 9 - Chipped and Broken Teeth BEFORE SHOT2.jpg


Patient 9 - Chipped and Broken Teeth AFTER SHOT2.jpg


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