Root Canal Therapy

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Root canals are usually painless, simple and straight-forward procedures.

Many people have strange and dramatic ideas about root canal therapy. Root canals are usually painless, simple and straight-forward procedures. If you are suffering discomfort, or outright toothache, then careful diagnosis will reveal if root canal is the treatment of choice. At our practice we go to great lengths to make any treatment relaxing and pain free. Please do not stress about having this treatment. As with any treatment, there are some risks, and your dental team member here will discuss all these with you fully.

What is a root canal treatment involve?

Root Canal Therapy involves cleaning out the canal inside the root of a tooth. Cleaning out any infected nerve tissue and bacteria stops the pain and allows the body to heal around the tooth. Often antibiotics will be left inside the tooth for a few weeks to ensure all bacteria are cleaned out before sealing the tooth and placing a filling or crown.root canal.jpg

How do we go above and beyond at Chermside Dental Care?

  • All root canals are performed as painlessly as possible, albeit with the appropriate time taken for optimal results

  • Our root canals are all performed using Rubber Dams to isolate the teeth from saliva and bacterial contamination

  • Our measurements are made using state of the art Morita ZX Apex Locaters, Rotary Instrumentation and Digital Xray Systems for perfect accuracy

  • Only the gold standard in medicaments are used throughout all of our procedures

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