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The latest technology helps our team provide the cutting edge in dental care. In that spirit, we have introduced 3D Digital Xrays On-Site for our patients at Chermside Dental Care.

We are excited to have on-site 3D Xrays for our patients. Using the latest Sirona CT Xray Machines, we are now able to check the positions of nerves and curvatures of roots prior to tooth removal and dental implant placement. cbct nerve canal.jpg

It also allows us to visualise the patient's anatomy in three dimensions prior even picking up an instrument. This kind of information gives patients a visual look at what is going on, allowing better decisions to be made, and better clinical outcomes to be had.

It is our goal to achieve the best dental outcome possible, first time, everytime. To do this, we get as much information as possible prior to starting a procedure.

Procedures that we find the CBCT particularly useful for are wisdom teeth extractions, dental implant planning and placement, locating nerves prior to root canal therapy so no nerves are missed and more.

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