Happy Gas is also known as Laughing Gas

Is there anything that Chermside Dental can do to help me with my fear of the dentist?

Yes, we have two ways we can help

1) Happy Gas! Some people are so frightened of the dentist that they will not go for dental treatment. They can overcome their fears with happy gas which helps you feel relaxed while still being aware of your surroundings.

2) IV Sedation is the other option with our specialist Anaesthetist. IV Sedation is similar to 'going under'. For more info on IV Sedation please click here.

Happy Gas

Here at our Chermside Dental Practice, we recommend Happy Gas, an Inhalation Sedation technique as a safe alternative. Happy Gas is also known as Laughing Gas or Relative Analgesia.

Inhalation Sedation (Laughing Gas)

You can be helped to feel relaxed by ‘relative analgesia’ sometimes known as inhalation sedation. This means breathing in a mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen (‘laughing gas’) which quickly leads to a pleasant, relaxed feeling. You remain conscious all the time, although you may be a little drowsy. Any treatment given causes you no discomfort. You breathe in the mixture through a nosepiece, which is very comfortable. You can’t overdose on the gas, as the mixture quickly leaves the body if you breathe in one or two breaths of ordinary air. There are no after-effects either, and you can drive a car after about 15 minutes. This is the most frequently used and safest sedation method used in dentistry.

Approximate Cost:

$60 per 30minutes

Advantages of Dental Inhalation Sedation:

  • Safe
  • Rapid Onset
  • Flexible duration can be used for any appointment length
  • Absolute Control. It is easy to quickly control the level of sedation
  • People recover quickly
  • Very few side effects
  • There is an analgesic effect (pain-free)
  • You can return to normal activities immediately after the appointment

Happy Gas is safe as it is a combination of Nitrogen and Oxygen which are present in the air we breathe. Happy Gas never goes past 70% Nitrogen, of which there is 80% in normal air.

Where to from here? To start, its best to give us a call on 3359 1611 or contact us online via our page, and we can meet with you and discuss all of your options in a relaxed, professional environment.

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